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Stevensville, MD, Chimney Cleaning & Repairs – Chimney Rebuilding, Fireplace, & Stove Installs

Complete Chimneys of Pasadena, MD, offers a full menu of chimney sweep services, chimney repair and rebuilding and sales of top-name fireplaces, stoves and fireplace inserts.  We serve Stevensville, MD, Baltimore, MD, the Queensville, MD, area, Kent Island, MD, Grasonville, MD, Hickory Ridge, MD, and the entire Baltimore/District of Columbia region.
chimney rebuild in stevensville md
You want your fireplace and chimney to operate safely and efficiently, and so do we.  Our technicians are certified by the Chimney Safety Institute of America to perform annual chimney inspections and cleaning and all other related services.  You may have seen our trucks traveling on the Chesapeake Bay Bridge, Business Pkwy., State St., or Main St.  If so, you know we were on the way to perform expert chimney service or appliance installation.

fireplace cleaning and chimney sweep in stevensville mdChimney Sweep

Most every fire-safety agency recommends annual chimney cleaning to remove flammable creosote and other obstructions.  This allows your chimney to operate safety and efficiently.  Complete Chimneys is a member of the National Chimney Sweep Guild, and our certified techs know exactly how to clean and inspect every type of chimney.

Chimney Repairs

Chimneys have many components that eventually can fall into disrepair.  The solution is professional chimney repair services.  We regularly repair or replace critical components such as:

• Chimney liners
• Chimney chase tops
• Chimney caps
• Chimney flashing
• Fireplace dampers
• All masonry

Some of these components serve to keep water out of the chimney system.  Others prevent obstructions such as leaves, twigs, small-animal nests and the like from blocking air flow within the flue.  Chimney liners protect the interior of the chimney masonry and the home’s building materials from intense heat.  Masonry must always be in good shape to prevent a serious safety risk.

stevensville md chimney liner install and chimney repairChimney Leaks

A leaky chimney can be caused by many things, but whatever the cause, water inside a chimney is not a good sign.  Over time, small leaks can become big leaks and lead to significant damage to the chimney or parts of the home adjacent to it.  If you notice any of these signs of a chimney leak, call us right away:

• Strong odors coming from the fireplace
• Stains on the chimney bricks
• Discoloration of walls close to the fireplace
• Water in the firebox

Chimney Masonry Work

Our certified technicians perform chimney masonry work in homes throughout Stevensville, MD, and the Baltimore region.  Cracks in the bricks and mortar of a chimney can cause expensive damage.  Small cracks often can be sealed.  Larger areas of damage might need a process called tuckpointing, in which new mortar is added to replace what has been lost through deterioration.

Chimney Rebuilding In Stevensville MD

In cases of severe chimney damage, chimney rebuilding may be necessary.  A chimney that is leaning to one side or whose bricks are falling away is a dangerous chimney.  Never start a fire if your fireplace has this level of damage.  We will perform a thorough inspection of your chimney to determine the extent of the damage and how to fix it, whether it be a partial chimney rebuild or the full-scale building of a new chimney.

Certified fireplace and stove wood and gas installation in stevensville mdFireplace & Stove Sales / Installation

When it’s time to shop for a new fireplace, stove or fireplace insert, visit our Pasadena, MD, showroom and see a fine selection of appliances made by Regency and Hampton, two of the most-respected names in the industry.

• Wood stoves – in styles from traditional to contemporary
• Freestanding gas heating stoves – lots of heat and low maintenance
• Wood-burning fireplace inserts – ultra-efficient for high levels of heat
• Gas fireplaces – easy to use and great for heating
• Wood-burning fireplaces – the ambience of a flaming wood fire is hard to beat
• Gas fireplace inserts – very high efficiency and a lovely accent to any home

We perform expert installation of fireplaces, heating stoves and fireplace inserts.

Air Duct & Dryer Vent Cleaning

While we’re at your Stevensville, MD, home performing other services, we also can thoroughly clean your clothes dryer vent and air ducts.  Clean vent systems operate more efficiently, thereby reducing the cost to run the equipment connected to them.
Complete Chimneys of Pasadena, MD, is ready to help with appliance sales and full fireplace and chimney inspection, cleaning and repair.  If you live in Stevensville, MD, or anywhere in the Baltimore/Washington, DC, region, visit us at 8174 Ritchie Hwy., or give us a call at (410) 544-7600.
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