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Complete Chimneys provides wood, gas and pellet fireplace insert installations for homes in Baltimore, MD, Ellicott City, MD, Russett, MD, Severn, MD, Millersville, MD, and other communities throughout the Baltimore/District of Columbia regions.

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Your old, poorly performing masonry fireplace can become a heat center when you add a beautiful new fireplace insert.  It’s an easy move with our expert installation technicians who are certified by the National Fireplace Institute and the Chimney Safety Institute of America.

Don’t settle for less heat than you want.  Get the perfect fireplace insert installation of a new gas, wood or pellet insert from our hearth store in Pasadena, MD. Big, old-fashioned wood fireplaces do have a certain charm, but when it comes to producing economical heat, they aren’t a very good choice.  But they do have one feature than can benefit you greatly: a large firebox into which can be installed a highly efficient fireplace insert.

Why a Fireplace Insert Installation Is a Smart Choice

Masonry fireplaces often run at about 20% to 30% efficiency.  That means 70% to 80% of the heat they create is lost up the chimney.  A fireplace insert, on the other hand, can run at 80% or 90% efficiency or more.  Imagine the dramatic difference in the heat level inside your home.
The reason inserts function so well is because they work on what’s called a closed-combustion system, which retains large amounts of heat during a fire and makes it available to the room.  Think of an insert as a fireplace in a factory-built box.  Drafty masonry fireplaces don’t stand a chance against a new fireplace insert.
As far as looks go, we carry a full line of lovely fireplace inserts from Regency and Hampton, two of the most-respected names in the hearth industry.  Modern inserts are designed in a wide array of sizes, shapes, styles and finishes, making it easy to find just the right one to perfectly accent the décor of your home.

Gas Fireplace Inserts

Like gas fireplaces, gas inserts are convenient and clean-burning.  Getting a fire started is as easy as flipping a switch.  Many models come with remote ignition and heat-control functions.  Gas inserts can run on natural gas or propane.
People love gas inserts because they’re very low-maintenance and create none of the mess common with wood-burning units.

Wood Fireplace Inserts

If you prefer the look of real burning logs but want heat, too, go with a highly efficient wood-burning fireplace insert.  These units beautify any room and deliver the performance you expect from your heating appliance.
With a wood insert, you’ll need to make sure to have annual visits from a professional chimney sweep to clean and service the vent pipe.

Pellet Fireplace Inserts

With a pellet insert, you get many of the benefits of a wood-burning model and many advantages you have with a gas insert.  Pellets don’t cause near the mess of wood logs, because they’re small and compact and sold in large bags.
An attached hopper makes keeping fires going easy: just fill the hopper, and a specified amount of pellets is added to the hopper automatically as needed.  Fires can burn up to 36 hours without re-loading.

fireplace insert installation in arnold mdExpert Fireplace Insert Installation

It’s important when you purchase a new fireplace insert that you arrange for professional installation.  Certified technicians who are familiar with all styles and models of inserts will make sure your insert is installed safely and according to spec.  Our crews will run gas lines to your fireplace if you’re installing a gas insert.  With any insert, they’ll make sure you understand how to safely operate and care for the unit.

During an installation is a good time to have a complete fireplace and chimney inspection performed.  This way you’ll know that your entire system is safe and in proper working order, ready for your new insert to start creating the heat you want and adding ambience to your home. When you buy your fireplace insert at Complete Chimneys, we’ll help you decide on the model that will best fit your needs and schedule our technicians to deliver and install the unit.  It’s all very simple when you buy your Hampton or Regency insert from us.

Why You Need A Fireplace Insert Installation

Fireplace inserts have instantly become a growing demand in the market and nowadays, everyone is looking for reliable and ultimately trustworthy service to get it done. Since winter is already knocking at the door, it is definitely a great idea to get fireplace inserts at your home and avoid the hustle right at the eleventh hour. 

The biggest advantage of having a fireplace insert at home is that it solves the issue of heat loss by containing everything in a sealed box. It eventually stops the drafts from coming in and from heat rising directly out of the chimney. Let us tell you another great advantage of having a fireplace insert – its sealed box allows you for an efficient burn that is around 70-75% and increases the burning time for longer hours. 

And in such conditions, you definitely need to have one fireplace insert installation get done at your home via professionals of Complete Chimney. 

Complete Chimney’s offers fireplace insert installation to our customers throughout the entire Baltimore, MD, and Washington, DC, areas.  Visit our hearth store at 8174 Ritchie Highway in Pasadena, MD.

Advantages of Wood Stoves & Fireplace Inserts

Here is a list of 5 benefits you can get after the installation of a gas fireplace insert.

  • Highly economical for heating
  • Increase efficiency and reduce waste
  • Contribute to emission reduction
  • Safe radiant heat generator
  • Upgrade your room instantly

Wood stove inserts for fireplaces reduce heat loss and save energy. This is an effective way of generating heat by inexpensive means. Complete Chimneys offers fireplace inserts in a variety of designs, from traditional to contemporary. We also offer a wide range of fireplace accessories to ensure your new fireplace insert blends well with your existing decor. This way, you can get the fireplace insert that fits your home and your style perfectly.

These wood-burning fireplace inserts are not only safer but offer greater efficiency than other methods. Installing a wood stove insert also increases efficiency and increases burn time.

Complete Chimneys is the leader in providing ideal wood fireplace insert installations at affordable prices in Annapolis, Lake Shore, Ferndale, Maryland, and nearby areas. Call now to arrange your reservation.

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