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The Fireplace Show

Enjoy Our New Feature courtesy of “The Fireplace Show”, an online resource presented by one of our partners. Jerry Isenhour, an industry leader, hosts these informative video sessions to help homeowners better understand their fireplace, stove and chimney system.

Water Entry Problems & How To Prevent Or Fix Them

History Of Sweeping Chimneys

Hidden Dangers In Your Fireplace & Chimney

An Exciting New Fireplace - The Prior Fire Fireplace

Making Your Fireplace More Heat Productive

Everything You Should Know About Chimney Caps

Fireplace Changeouts

What A Chimney Sweep Does In A Warmer Climate

What The Cold Weather Does To Your Chimney

Benefits Of A Pellet Stove

How The Wood-Burning Stove Has Evolved

Dangers Hidden In Ashes

A Better Heat-Producing Fireplace

Why Is Christmas A Leading Time For Chimney Fires?

The Importance Of Flue Lining In A Masonry Chimney

Answering Your Burning Questions

Creosote - What Causes It

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