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Complete Chimneys provides professional chimney masonry repair and rebuilding services for our customers in Pasadena, MD, Pumphrey, MD, and throughout the entire Baltimore/DC region.

chimney rebuild and masonry repair in Russet MDIs your chimney beginning to show signs of damage?  Has it been years since you’ve scheduled a professional chimney inspection?  Are you concerned that if left alone the damage to your chimney will turn into a very expensive problem?  These are all reasons to contact Complete Chimneys and have certified masonry repair technicians take a look at your system.

If you plan a weekend vacation and want it to be perfect, then you need to clean your Chimney before you leave. Complete Chimney offers chimney sweeps in Baltimore County and other areas to help solve your problem with fireplaces and chimneys. Book your appointment today.

A damaged chimney will not reverse its course.  Spalling bricks, decaying mortar and overall compromise within the masonry will continue until dangerous operating conditions exist.  Have your chimney inspected before it reaches this point.

When a chimney is suffering damage from years of use and just plain old age, it’s time for professional service.  Our chimney sweeps are certified by the Chimney Safety Institute of America to perform all necessary masonry repairs to restore your chimney to its proper working order and make it safe to use once again.

Dangers of a Damaged Chimney

When the bricks and mortar that make up your chimney are compromised, two serious concerns present themselves:

1. Cracked or broken sections within the chimney will allow extreme heat to come into contact with the home’s building materials, putting you at risk for a house fire

2. The chimney structure itself may eventually collapse, which is a life-threatening situation for anyone near the structure – not to mention a very expensive disaster to resolve

The key to preventing these and less-dangerous situations is an annual chimney inspection by trained professionals.  Over the life of any chimney, masonry repair is needed periodically, but this work will be minor when problems are caught early and repaired before significant damage occurs.

Common Chimney Repair/Masonry Repair Projects

Chimney crown rebuild:

The chimney crown at the top of the chimney is made of cement and becomes compromised when cracks begin to appear.  If water is allowed to seep into the crown, the natural freeze-thaw cycle will cause water to freeze and expand, opening a larger area for water to get down into the chimney bricks.

We will repair or rebuild your chimney crown to prevent further damage.


This is a process where we use fresh new mortar to fill in areas where masonry is missing.  Crumbling bricks and mortar provide the perfect environment for serious water damage.  Once water has infiltrated the chimney system, it will begin to erode masonry in areas where the average person can’t even see.

We can save your chimney with tuckpointing and professional masonry repair.

Chimney rebuilding:

When damage is extensive, the only option is to rebuild sections of the chimney or the entire chimney itself.  It’s never safe to live in a home with a seriously damaged chimney.  Our CSIA-certified technicians have years of experience and training in the reconstruction of chimneys, and we take pride in restoring safety and operational integrity to the chimney systems in our customers’ homes.

We rebuild chimneys and make them safe.


This is a process of adding a stucco-like material to the smoke chamber and other areas of a chimney to smooth out rough or damaged areas and allow smoke and gasses to vent properly.  Parging is common with older chimneys and is a great way to prolong their life and maintain their safety.

Chimney Chase cover repair in Annapolis MD

Our skilled masonry repair technicians will bring new life to your chimney.

Other Masonry Repair and Chimney Maintenance Services

In addition to services above, we also offer:

Is your chimney in need of masonry repair and a thorough top-to-bottom inspection?  Complete Chimneys of Pasadena, MD, provides these and other important services throughout the greater Baltimore/Washington, DC, area.  Call us today and make your chimney safe.

Why Chimney Repair Is Necessary for Your Home

The primary goal of chimneys is to remove the smoke from the house and now this could be any type of smoke. Whether it is generated from a stove, or a fireplace, or even a cigarette one. If a chimney is going to block or if it will need a repair then the smoke will flow back right into your home and will allow toxins to spread. This could be highly dangerous for your health as well. 

This is where the chimney repair and maintenance service gets into action. Since you may not be able to do a thorough check on your very own , you can hire a specialist for the purpose. It is highly recommended from experts of Complete Chimney to get a chimney tested at least once in a year. 

Professionals Chimney Sweeps in Baltimore County

Looking for an ideal chimney sweep Baltimore county service? If yes, then chimney specialists from Complete Chimney can help you out. You can get your chimney inspected and repaired by, if not working properly our certified professionals just with one click. Moreover, you can book the appointment now and discuss your chimney condition with us. We will provide you with the best solution for your chimney sweep in Baltimore, MD.

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