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Complete Chimneys fireplace and stove store of Pasadena, MD, sells the best in gas fireplace inserts and provides complete installation for our customers in Baltimore, MD, Arnold, MD, Severna Park, MD, Lake Shore, MD, Glen Burnie, MD, and throughout the Baltimore/District of Columbia region.

gas burning inserts for sale in Pasadena md

Regency® Horizon® HRI4E Gas Insert

Turn your sluggish masonry wood-burning fireplace into a powerful source of soothing heat with a new gas fireplace insert from Regency or Hampton, makers of the finest insert appliances on the market.  You won’t believe the difference when you switch from a big, open, drafty fireplace to a powerful, convenient, high-efficiency gas fireplace insert. Gas fireplace inserts offer you great heat, convenience, high performance, low maintenance and so much more.  Is it time to move up to a new insert?

What to know about modern gas fireplace inserts

Fireplace in a box

  • Think of a gas insert as a fireplace in a box.  Inserts are factory-built to be long-lasting and deliver ultimate performance for the life of the appliance.  Inserts operate on what’s called a closed combustion system, which allows the unit to retain a high percentage of the heat it generates and make it available to the room in which the insert is placed rather than to the air outside.

Lots of heat

  • Home heating appliances are given heat-efficiency ratings, which tell you how much generated heat is available to heat the room.  Traditional masonry fireplaces may be rated at 20% or 30%, where gas fireplace inserts soar up to 80% or 90% and even higher.  That means a substantial increase of heat within your home.

Easy to install

  • Our hearth store employs certified installers who can get your new gas fireplace insert set up quickly inside the firebox of your existing fireplace.  We’ll run the necessary gas lines, or connect to a propane system.  When we’re finished, you’ll know your new appliance is properly installed and free from defects.

Realistic flames

  • Don’t think just because it’s gas you’re going to get flames in your insert that look like the flames on your kitchen stove burners.  With intricately designed faux wood log sets, the fire in your new fireplace will amazingly resemble actual burning wood.  With a gas insert, you sacrifice none of the ambience that’s so important to most people.

Ease of use

  • What could be simpler than getting a fire started by turning a switch?  And what could be easier than controlling the heat with a handy remote control?  And what could be safer than instantly extinguishing the fire when you’re done with it?  These are key advantages of gas fireplace inserts.

Low maintenance

  • Some people love wood-burning fireplaces, and that’s perfectly fine.  Others, however, aren’t thrilled with having to purchase, haul and store logs, then bring them into the house, then clean up after them.  Not to mention annual chimney inspection and cleaning to remove flammable creosote from the flue.  Maintenance is minimal and clean-up is not needed with a gas insert.


  • With your new gas fireplace insert, you can choose to have elegant glass doors, a variable-speed fan, a handsome mantle, a fabulous fireplace surround on the wall adjacent to the fireplace and many other tasteful and exciting amenities.

Stop being cold!

  • There’s no reason to live through another cold winter with a low-performing masonry fireplace.  Visit our hearth store and let us help you select the perfect gas fireplace insert and install it for you so next time it’s cold outside, you’ve got a powerful weapon to combat the chills.
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Regency® Liberty® LRI3E Gas Insert

Complete Chimneys of Pasadena, MD, sells top-line gas fireplace inserts in a wide range of sizes, styles and finishes.  Our CSIA-certified chimney sweeps are here to provide expert installation for any product.  We serve the entire Baltimore/Washington, DC, region, so visit our showroom at 8174 Ritchie Highway and let us show you the way to warmth.

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