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Complete Chimneys fireplace and stove store of Pasadena, MD, carries a full line of outstanding Hampton and Regency wood fireplaces and offers expert installation to our customers in Baltimore, MD, Annapolis MD, Brooklyn Park, MD, Elkridge, MD, Ferndale, MD, and all of the Baltimore/District of Columbia region.

Is your home lacking a fireplace?  Have you always dreamed of having a beautiful fireplace as the centerpiece of your home?  Well, now is the time to make that dream come true with a lovely new wood fireplace.  Major construction isn’t necessary to heat and beautify your home, because today’s wood-burning fireplaces are easy to install and provide years of enjoyment and relaxation. A wood fireplace is a benefit to any home.  With more heat efficiency than ever before, zero-clearance fireplaces offer consistent warmth and stunning good looks.

Whether you’re adding a first fireplace or upgrading from a poorly performing masonry unit, a wood fireplace is the perfect solution.  Installation and setup can range from simple to elaborate, depending on the overall aesthetic value you’re seeking.

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Regency® Contura Ri50 Wood Fireplace

Wood Fireplaces 101 – What You Need to Know

Your fireplace, your style:

  • Modern wood fireplace come in a wide range of shapes, sizes and design styles.  You’ll find it easy to make a stunning statement and perfectly accent the décor of your home with a model from top makers like Regency and Hampton.

A real wood fire:

  • Fireplaces that run on gas, pellets and electricity are fine choices, but for some people, nothing will do except a real, flaming wood fire with its cracking, popping and nostalgic aroma.

Better technology = better heating:

  • Wood fireplaces on the market today are made with advanced technology that allows for efficiency ratings of 75%, 80% and higher.  This means a huge percentage of the heat your fireplace produces is available as heat for your home.

More complete burns:

  • Traditional masonry fireplaces not only have low heat efficiency ratings, they often don’t completely burn the logs you put in them.  Today’s wood fireplaces offer much greater burn efficiency, meaning you’ll get more out of your logs than ever before.


  • Wood as a fuel is carbon-neutral.  No more carbon is released from burning wood than from wood decaying in a forest.  In addition, new EPA standards for burn efficiency make wood fireplaces even more environmentally friendly.

Add zest with many options:

  • Along with your wood fireplace, you can add excitement to your room with fireplace surrounds in real or artificial stone, granite, brick or wood.  How about a stately mantel to hold photographs or flowers?  A raised hearth will give your fireplace a classy look.  A fine selection of fireplace tools and a built-in log-storage bin will complete the look.

Easy installation:

  • A new zero-clearance wood fireplace is a self-contained unit and requires minimal handiwork to install in most any home.  You can go to elaborate remodeling lengths if you choose, but a basic installation is a fairly straightforward process.  Remember too, no masonry chimney has to be constructed – a steel vent pipe is all that’s required.


  • Zero-clearance fireplaces are highly insulated and safe to be installed in any framed wall.  The intense heat is kept inside the appliance and won’t come into contact with surrounding building materials to cause structural damage or fires.
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Regency® Excalibur® EX90 Wood Fireplace

Does it sound like a new wood-burning fireplace is just right for your home?  Visit Complete Chimneys hearth store showroom at 8174 Ritchie Highway in Pasadena, MD, and see the latest models and designs.  We offer sales and installation of fireplaces, inserts and stoves as well as chimney sweep, chimney inspection and chimney repair work.  We serve all of the Baltimore/Washington, DC area.

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