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Complete Chimneys hearth store of Pasadena, MD, offers a full line of well-made Regency and Hampton wood fireplace inserts along with expert installation to our customers in Baltimore, MD, Arnold, MD, Severna Park, MD, Lake Shore, MD, Glen Burnie, MD and across the entire Baltimore, District of Columbia region.

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Hampton® HI400 Wood Insert

Depending on several factors, a traditional masonry fireplace will operate at around 20% efficiency, and sometimes even less.  That’s not very much heat getting into your home.  It’s for this reason that more and more people who use masonry units to take a step up to a fine new wood fireplace insert.
Stop missing out on the heat this winter – a new wood fireplace insert gives you the beauty of a wood fire but also high heat that no masonry fireplace can match.

Many styles of fireplaces, inserts and stoves are available today, but there are people who will always go with heating appliances fueled by wood.  There’s something about a roaring wood log fire with its leaping flames and crackling embers that’s hard to beat.  Problem is, traditional wood fireplaces tease you with lovely fires but leave much to be desired when it comes to producing heat you can actually use.

Wood Fireplace Inserts = High Heat

Modern wood fireplace inserts are the answer to your heating problems.  Inserts are factory-built and come in various sizes to allow them to perfectly fit into the open fireboxes of masonry units.  Once installed, the insert’s closed combustion system generates and retains high levels of useable heat.  How much heat?  Efficiency ratings for wood inserts are commonly above 70% - meaning about three-quarters or more of the heat your appliance generates is available to heat your room.

Why a New Wood Fireplace Insert Might Be the Perfect Choice

More complete burns: Advanced technology built in to modern wood fireplace inserts causes the logs to burn more completely and efficiently, meaning you get more out of every log you throw onto the fire.


  • Wood is an eco-friendly fuel and leaves no carbon footprint on the environment.  Plus, with new EPA emissions standards, wood inserts burn more cleanly than ever before.

Easy installation:

  • This is a benefit many shoppers love – installing a wood fireplace insert involves no building, construction or tearing out.  The unit is simply placed into the empty firebox of an existing fireplace and vented properly, and you’re ready to start your first fire.

A place for gathering:

  • For thousands of years families and friends have enjoyed gathering ‘round the fire to talk and laugh and relax.  Nothing provides a centerpiece for gathering like a brilliant, aromatic wood fire.

Fantastic looks:

  • Wood fireplace inserts are designed in many attractive styles and finishes to perfectly accent any home’s décor.  From rustic and traditional to sleek and modern, you’ll have no trouble finding the right look.

Heat no matter what:

  • Regardless of what the weather outside chooses to do, and no matter how many power lines or gas pipes it interrupts, with a wood-burning insert you’ll have predictable heat during even the worst winter storms.
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Hampton® HI200 Wood Insert

If these benefits sound intriguing, visit Complete Chimneys fireplace and stove store in Pasadena, MD, to learn more about these awesome appliances.  We offer sales and installation of home-heating appliances as well as full chimney sweep, chimney inspection and chimney repair services throughout the Baltimore, Washington, DC, area.
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