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Why Does Your Fireplace Smell Bad?

If your fireplace is exuding bad smells you want to have it checked out by professional chimney sweeps in Pasadena, MD. There are a number of reasons bad smells can come from the fireplace that’s designed to provide you with warmth and beauty. Professionals from Complete Chimneys can inspect your fireplace and resolve the issues that are causing the smells.  Some of the most common causes of a smelly fireplace are included in all of the following:

Negative Air Pressure: If you have made any of the following improvements to your home in the summer, the fireplace could have been filled with mild odors that are sealed too tightly to escapes. Those improvements may weatherizing, changing the vents, or installing a new roof.

Excess Creosote and Soot: If the chimney is filled with too much creosote, the buildup may cause bad smells to form.

Moisture: Extra water in your chimney can cause a musty odor. If your chimney doesn’t have a working chimney cap, you may have moisture in the flue that needs repairs.

Animals, Dead or Alive: Any animal nest can be prevented with mesh netting. If there is no protection, an animal can be animal waste or a dead animal. Animals such as raccoons, birds, and snakes are known to nest in chimneys and live in them.

Contact CompleteChimneys.com for an annual chimney cleaning and inspection to be sure that your chimney and fireplace are safe and secure for use this winter.

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