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Water Damage & Your Chimney

Water may cause brick-and-mortar spalling, which is when the bricks break off into small pieces and fragments. If the chimney brick spalls there’s a great chance for structural damage to occur.  Have the

brick and mortar of your chimney suffered from excessive exposure to water? If so, look to Complete Chimneys to provide brick repair in Annapolis, MD, and the surrounding areas.  Our chimney repair technicians can repair any water damage and waterproof your chimney to protect it from spalling again. When it comes to water damage and your chimney, the following do’s and don’ts are highly recommended:

  • Don’t assume your chimney is strong enough to endure excessive amounts of water.
  • Do realize that whatever masonry material your chimney is constructed of, water damage poses a serious threat.
  • Do schedule maintenance so water won’t cause your chimney to deteriorate and become a fire risk for your home.
  • Explore replacing or adding a chimney cap to keep water from damaging your chimney. A chimney cap is the safest means of protecting the chimney from water damage.

Don’t hesitate to get repairs if you notice any signs of water in your chimney or fireplace. That’s the time to have the damaged assessed and ensure that no more water flows into your chimney.

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