The Lifespan of Prefabricated Fireplaces
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The Lifespan of Prefabricated Fireplaces

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Many people purchase factory-built fireplace systems because they are a cost-efficient alternative to traditional masonry fireplaces. However, the prefabricated units sometimes have a shorter lifespan than their traditional counterparts, which means they need to be replaced more frequently. At the same time, some factory-built fireplaces are seen more as decorative heating appliances than primary heat sources, which means they are typically used with less frequency. With regular care, upkeep, and maintenance, some of these fireplace systems may last up to 20 years.

Like their masonry counterparts, factory-built fireplaces need to be regularly swept and inspected in order to burn safely and efficiently.  They need repairs and part replacements as necessary. Keep in mind that one of the most common reasons prefabricated units need to be swapped out is because their original replacement parts are no longer available. That’s why installing a new unit is often easier than attempting an after-market repair.

You may also need to replace your factory-built fireplace due to water damage, rusting on the chimney chase cover, or damaged chimney liners. If you need a factory-built fireplace replacement in Baltimore, turn to Complete Chimneys. You should have a chimney professional swap out your prefabricated fireplace in order to be safe and to be sure that your fireplace system is up to date.


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