Safety Tips for Your Prefab Fireplace
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Safety Tips for Your Prefab Fireplace

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While prefab fireplaces are extensively tested at the factory for safety, they must be installed correctly to be safe in your home. Be sure that replacement parts are made for your specific fireplace, as some prefab fireplaces burn wood while others burn gas or both wood and gas. Factory-built fireplaces have an excellent safety record because they are built to meet strict standards, and they pass rigorous testing standards. However, safe use of these fireplaces is essential. The following safety tips are important to remember when you have a prefabricated fireplace in your home:

  • Never use liquid fire starters like gasoline, charcoal lighter fluid, lantern fuel, or kerosene, Prefab fireplaces are made to burn solid fuel only.
  • Always close the screen on the fireplace to prevent sparks or hot embers from entering your home and possibly causing combustible materials to ignite.
  • Always open the flue damper before you light a fire.
  • Be careful not to overload the fireplace because burning wood might fall out.
  • Refrain from burning Christmas trees or a lot of paper in the fireplace because these types of fires are extremely hot and can cause joints to separate or metal to warp.

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