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Have you been thinking about adding a beautiful new fireplace, heating stove or fireplace insert to your home?  Is it time to have a thorough chimney inspection or chimney cleaning?  Are parts of your chimney system in need of repair?  If you answered yes to any of these, call Complete Chimney of Pasadena, MD.  We serve homeowners in Maryland City, MD, Savage, MD, Annapolis Junction, MD, and Laurel, MD.

russett chimney cap repair and masonry work

Our field technicians, who are certified by the Chimney Safety Institute of America, do a lot of work in your area, and you may have spotted our service vehicles rolling along Baltimore Washington Pkwy., Laurel Fort Meade Rd., Brock Bridge Rd. or other streets and thoroughfares.  We visit homes to perform chimney inspections, appliance installations, chimney sweep services and all manner of chimney repair work.

fireplace cleaning and chimney sweep in Russett mdChimney Sweep

Complete Chimneys is a member of the National Chimney Sweep Guild, so we’re aware that the only kind of chimney that’s safe and fully functional is a clean chimney.  Our certified chimney sweeps know how to safely remove flammable creosote from your chimney to help prevent a chimney fire.

We also remove obstructions like twigs, leaves, debris and small animal nests to ensure that smoke and toxins flow easily to the outdoors.  Obstructions in a chimney can cause smoke and carbon monoxide to back up into the house, putting all humans and pets at risk.

Chimney Repairs In Russett MD

Our service personnel are official National Fireplace Institute certified technicians who are able to fix whatever is wrong with your chimney or fireplace:

  • Damaged chimney liners
  • Damaged chimney chase tops
  • Damaged chimney caps
  • Warped or rusted chimney flashing
  • Rusted or worn out fireplace dampers
  • All types of damage to fireplace and chimney masonry

One of the key problems with damage to a chimney or many of its components is that water can enter the system.  Water erodes and deteriorates parts of a chimney faster than you might realize.

Over time, small compromises in the bricks and mortar, or in the flashing, chimney cap or other components can become serious and expensive problems.  At Complete Chimney, our goal is to spot and fix problems in their early stages, starting with thorough, top-to-bottom inspection.

chimney leak crown repair in russett mdChimney Leaks

Have you noticed water in your firebox?  How about strong odors coming from your fireplace?  Are the chimney and fireplace bricks discolored?  All of these point to a leaky chimney.

As we mentioned above, water and chimneys don’t mix.  If water gets into cracks in the mortar, it can freeze and expand, causing significant decomposition.  Water leaking down the outside of a chimney can seriously damage the building materials of the home.  We’re experts at finding where leaks originate and getting them repaired fast.

Chimney Rebuilding

As years pass, chimneys begin showing the signs of age.  If early symptoms aren’t addressed, a chimney can become damaged to the point that some or all of it needs to be rebuilt.  This is a job only for professionals, because the safety of your home and family is at stake.  Complete Chimneys employs only the best chimney rebuilding professionals who can perform partial rebuilds or complete rebuilds as needed.

Chimney Masonry Work

If the damage to your Russett, MD, chimney is minor, we can remove crumbling sections of brick and mortar and replace them with new, strong material.  This process is called tuckpointing, and it can significantly prolong the life of a chimney.  Other chimney masonry work includes spray sealing the exterior of the chimney to keep water from entering small cracks.  After a chimney inspection, we can advise you on which process is best.

new gas fireplace insert installed in russett mdRussett MD Fireplace & Stove Sales / Installation

If you’re in the market for a new fireplace, stove or fireplace insert from top names such as Regency and Hampton, visit our showroom to see:

  • Wood stoves – a great choice for adding additional heat to a home
  • Freestanding gas heating stoves – easy to start and bring instant heat to an area
  • Wood-burning inserts – inserts are factory-built for high performance and efficiency
  • Gas fireplaces – gas burns clean and hot, and these appliances make great centerpieces in any home
  • Wood-burning fireplaces – if you have a traditional flair, go with a lovely new wood fireplace
  • Gas fireplace inserts – perfect for people who want a lot of heat and ease of operation

When you buy from Complete Chimneys, our chimney service personnel can install any appliance you select.

Air Duct & Dryer Vent Cleaning

Our work for our Russett customers sometimes includes air duct cleaning and clothes dryer vent cleaning.  These vent systems must be completely clean to allow the units connected with them to operate at peak efficiency.

Stop in and see us in Pasadena, MD, and view some of the great new fireplaces, stoves and fireplace inserts on the market.  When it’s time for chimney cleaning, chimney inspection or chimney repair services, count on us to deliver.

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