Explore the many different places you could have a fireplace installed.
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Places You Never Thought of Putting a Fireplace But Should

Bedroom fireplace installation Pasadena MDA fireplace is often the best feature in a house, but why should it be limited to the main living are? Because modern, factory-made fireplaces can be placed within inches of combustible materials, they are safe to install in virtually any room of your home. When you consider the creative possibilities for fireplaces, it can be exciting. Check out the following places you may want to have a stylish, efficient fireplace installed.

The Foyer

With a fireplace in the foyer, your family and guests can literally get a warm welcome whenever they walk into your home. Linear fireplaces fueled by gas can conveniently be installed within walls. These days, modern fireplaces are sometimes installed at the same height level as paintings and other wall décor. It works because the fireplaces themselves are like living masterpieces. In the foyer, the fireplace also adds light to a darkened entryway.

Between the Bedroom and Sitting Room

Imagine your master bedroom and the sitting area off to one side. Now imagine a gorgeous two-sided gas fireplace that can be enjoyed in both the bedroom and the sitting room. Never has your bedroom felt as much like a personal sanctuary as it will with a beautiful fireplace that takes the chill out of the air in winter and adds a whole new level of coziness year-round.

The Garage

An ongoing trend in garages is to create an aesthetically pleasing room that’s clean, organized and potentially an extension of your living area. If your garage doubles as a workroom, man cave, or body shop, adding a modern gas fireplace would be the perfect touch. Garages aren’t typically temperature controlled in the same way the home is. The fireplace can provide the needed warmth plus a big dose of atmosphere in an unexpected place.

The Master Bathroom

Creating spa-type bathrooms is a popular trend, and one way to make a gorgeous spa bathroom even better is to add a modern gas fireplace. Spa settings are all about unwinding and luxuriating instead of, for example, keeping your head tuned into workplace struggles. Battling stress is something most adults could use help with, and a fireplace in your master bathroom could help you relax and unwind more quickly and thoroughly than ever. Mesmerizing flames in your personal spa could be just the added touch that makes going home more like being on a mini vacation.

Your Outdoor Living AreA

Outdoor fireplace installation Pasadena MD

Backyards are more and more becoming valuable extensions of home interiors. There are many ways to set up outdoor living spaces, and a fireplace is ideal for whatever design you choose. Being outside in nature is good for anyone’s health and well-being and yet it can be difficult to spend time outside because the comforts and attractions inside the home have more of a draw. Add a fireplace to your outdoor living area and you may find yourself drawn under the sun and stars on a much more regular basis.

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