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Maintenance Tasks Needed on Your Gas Fireplace


Wood fireplaces are the centerpieces anywhere they exist in the home. However, they aren’t very efficient when it comes to improving the immediacy and cost of heating your home. Next to wood, the most popular fireplace fuel is gas. In order to keep the most effective benefits provided by your gas fireplace, it pays to have regular maintenance performed. Keep your gas fireplace warm and safe by having it professionally cleaned and inspected.

While gas fireplaces require much less maintenance than wood-burning fireplaces, you still want to have them inspected at least once a year. If you use your fireplace a lot, you want to keep it in optimal working order. Although these fireplaces burn cleanly, they still collect debris in the vents, flues, and inside the chimney. This debris needs to be removed before it blocks airflows and spreads a foul odor. Most of the debris in a gas fireplace consists of deteriorating ceramic or faux logs, which clings to the insert and gets trapped inside it.

Other parts that need attention on your gas fireplace include dirty glass doors and frames. Dents or excessive dirt on the glass may interfere with the heat output of your fireplace. You also want to be sure that the inside and outside of your fireplace are kept clean. You can follow the manufacturer’s instructions on cleaning or work with a professional like those at Complete Chimneys. We offer service for gas fireplaces and numerous gas inserts in Baltimore, MD.


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