If You Aren't Sure Whether You Should Install a Fireplace, Read This!
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Reasons To Install A Fireplace

new fireplace, ellicot city mdWith its warm and inviting atmosphere, there is nothing like relaxing next to the glowing flames of a crackling fire in the fireplace as a fresh scent fills the air. Fireplaces offer a lot of benefits in improving your home. Aside from providing a source of heat, they also add value when you plan to sell your home and never go out of style. Also, modern fireplaces and inserts don’t emit the smoke and pollution of a traditional masonry fireplace. They are also more affordable and can be installed in small living spaces. Here are five more reasons to install a fireplace in your home.

Lower Heating Costs

Installing a modern and efficient wood-burning or gas fireplace can significantly lower heating costs. The average household spends approximately $2,500 heating homes with an oil furnace during the winter, compared to about $700 for natural gas. A cord of wood for a wood-burning fireplace costs approximately $250 and will provide ample heating for six to ten weeks. You may even have some wood left over for the following winter season.

Increases Value of Home

Many real estate agents agree that a stylish and elegant fireplace can be a worthwhile investment. According to the National Association of Real Estate Appraisers, fireplaces can increase a home’s value by as much as 12%. Also, many homebuyers consider a wood or gas fireplace a desirable or must-have feature that could help your home sell faster and at a higher price.

Heating During Power Outages

A snowstorm can occur at any time during the winter and cause widespread power outages that could leave tens of thousands of homes without heat for several days. Installing a fireplace can help homeowners be prepared for winter power outages. A fireplace will continue to provide ample warmth, and the light of the fire will illuminate the room when the power is out.

fireplace installation in annapolis mdEnvironmentally Friendly

EPA Certified wood-burning fireplaces are environmentally friendly and burn cleaner without the pollution typical of a traditional fireplace. They earn this distinction due to their complete combustion technology that burns the wood fuel at higher temperatures. The complete combustion process also minimizes waste and creosote residue making them simpler to clean and maintain.

Add Style to Your Home

Fireplaces are timeless classics that have been heating homes for centuries and never go out of style. Modern fireplaces are much more than a heating appliance. They are also decorative centerpieces that will give your living space the “wow” factor all year long. Fireplaces are available in many different styles with your choice of surrounds and fuel options, making it easy to customize your fireplace experience to match your lifestyle.

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