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How Long Does Chimney Cleaning Take?

Chimney Cleaning Maryland

A typical thorough inspection and cleaning of your chimney should take less than one hour, depending on how dirty the chimney is. While all flues are not the same, when you have the work done by two certified technicians, it should be done effectively and efficiently. If there is a blockage in the chimney, like a bird’s nest, the cleaning may take more time due to the amount of debris that has to be carefully removed. If you suspect there is a blockage in your chimney, let the chimney sweepers know so your service time can be adjusted accordingly. Rely on Complete Chimneys for the most thorough chimney cleaning in Maryland when your chimney flue and smoke chamber must be swept.

Whether you have a masonry fireplace or a wood-stove chimney, in most cases a two-man crew shouldn’t have to spend more than an hour sweeping the chimney in your home. However, a prefabricated fireplace chimney may take even less time, whereas a walk-in fireplace may take as long as two-three hours.

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