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Gas Fireplace Inspection Checklist

Since chilly winters are going on and Christmas is also just around the corner, you might be preparing for get-togethers and cold festive evenings. But hold on, have you gone through the gas fireplace inspection list? 

Since it is quite smokey and cold outside, your gas fireplace may not even burn at the last moment! 

And to avoid this situation, it is important to check the gas fireplace or even the wood-burning one before any gathering at your home. 

16 Quick Points for Gas Fireplace Inspection

We understand that many people use fireplaces for extra warmth or simply for the coziness of snuggling up by the fire. However, a poorly maintained fireplace can wreak havoc when you light a fire on a cold winter night. This is why it is crucial to ensure that your fireplace is properly inspected and maintained. 

Here is a 16-points gas fireplace inspection checklist for you to prepare for winter. You can use this pre-fire checklist to avoid potential safety hazards to you and your home.

  1. Remove the glass and wipe it with a damp cloth.
  2. Inspect the logs of the fireplace and clean them.
  3. Check the firebox/combustion chamber for cracks and gas leaks.
  4. Look around the burner and pilot light parts for excessive creosote or corrosion.
  5. Remove and dust out the wood grate and burner.
  6. Check and clean the pilot light and burner ports.
  7. Brush out the pilot light ignition area.
  8. Conduct a thermopile output voltage test to check whether the fireplace is working properly.
  9. Clean the fan/blower.
  10. Check and test all safety switches.
  11. Clean the control pit, valve assemblies, firebox surface, and fan duct area.
  12. Dust out the air flaps and adjust them as needed
  13. Replace glowing embers and ash as needed
  14. Check all gaskets/seals and perform a gas leak test on all gas fittings
  15. Reassemble the fireplace and check it for proper flame, log placement, and signs of improper soot/ creosote formation. 
  16. Hire a professional fireplace inspector to ensure further safety of using the fireplace. 

Many homeowners consider their fireplace the centrepiece of their home, especially during the fall and winter when it’s hard to resist the warmth and glow of a cozy fire. To keep your fireplace running safely and properly, follow the aforementioned gas inspection checklist to maintain the longevity of your fireplace.

Even if everything seems fine, it is highly recommended to have your gas fireplace checked annually by a gas fireplace maintenance service for any problems you can’t identify yourself, like; gas fireplace fittings and valves can fail or wear out without your knowledge. 

Remember, it is better to be safe than sorry when working with gas or fire!

What Are the Common Problems With Fireplaces?

A gas fireplace is a heating unit that warms the home and vents out toxic fumes. Due to any operational glitch, gas leakage, or any other problem, your gas fireplace can stop working instantly. 

To understand what can happen to a gas fireplace, understand some of the most common issues your fireplace or firebox may experience.

  • Lack of Maintenance & Inspections 

Proper maintenance is one of the most important factors associated with owning a gas fireplace. The more carefully you maintain your gas fireplace, the more efficiently it will work. This also extends the service life and contributes to safe operation. It is also important to get your installation of a gas fireplace insert from a professional repairer. If you have already installed a firebox, get it inspected at least once a year to ensure everything is working properly and safely.

  • Improperly Installed Gas Fires 

When it comes to installing a gas fireplace, always make sure that this task is done by a certified fireplace installer and tested by a professional inspector. Also, don’t try to install a gas fireplace yourself because improper installation can lead to inefficient working and safety concerns. If you reside in Pasadena, MD, or nearby areas and are looking for reliable installation of a wooden or gas fireplace, you can contact Complete Chimneys LLC without any doubts. 

  • Repairs by Non-Specialized Inspectors 

Another problem that can cause your gas fireplace to stop working is getting it repaired by a poor serviceman. If you allow any non-specialized inspector to check your fireplace and fix it without experience, your fireplace will show ill signs of not operating properly. To keep your gas fireplace in excellent working condition, you should always contact a qualified professional fireplace repairman.

What to Expect From a Gas Fireplace Service 

During winter, a gas fireplace is a great investment for your home as it can help keep your home warm and cozy. But as we discussed above, your fireplace needs regular maintenance to ensure it lasts and operates at optimum efficiency.

To assist you in this process, we have created a gas fireplace inspection checklist that will guide you through how to keep all parts of your gas fireplace functioning safely and running smoothly. Apart from the checklist, here is what you can expect from gas fireplace servicing from the team of professional inspectors. 

  • Test Gas Lines 

A trained gas fireplace technician will check the gas pressure and integrity of the fireplace gas lines. During annual maintenance, a technician checks gas line pressure to prevent gas buildup and leaks that can harm your family and home. If you ever smell a strange odor from or near the fireplace area, contact the fireplace specialist urgently. 

  • Check the Millivolts on the Thermocouple

The pilot light is a significant part of a gas fireplace, and over time, it can become overwhelmed with pests, dust and debris. The thermocouple sensor detects when the pilot lights are on. Its suitable output level should be between 25 to 35 millivolts. And if the light is not cleaned annually, deposits can prevent the fireplace from lighting properly. A specialized fireplace repairman will clean and check the pilot light. 

  • Check Safety Controls & Ignition

Most modern gas fireplace systems have a safety shutoff system to shut off the fireplace in the state of a malfunction. The technician will ensure that the fireplace has the necessary safety features, including a carbon monoxide detector to protect your family and home from dangerous gasses, and an ignition system that should shut down in the event of a glitch. 

  • Examine the Glass

The glass wall of the gas fireplace can lose strength over time. The expansion and contraction during cold weather can cause the glass to crack. The technician will check whether the glass needs to be replaced with a new one. Also, he will check for scratches on the glass. If the glass is scratched or damaged, new glass should be installed before the next use of the fireplace.

  • Interior Vacuuming & Cleaning 

Insects, pet hair, and other debris can accumulate in your fireplace throughout the year. A professional fireplace repair service will proceed towards fireplace sweeping with a thorough vacuuming and cleaning of the fireplace interior to ensure clean burning.

  • Check Your Chimney 

An annual chimney inspection is a good way to ensure the internal walls surrounding the chimney are structurally sound. Gas fireplaces are at risk of condensation, and patches of moisture in the walls surrounding the chimney can lead to deterioration and corrosion. 

We recommend checking and cleaning all chimney inserts and the fireplace with a licensed chimney sweep. A team of professional chimney sweeping can help you service the duct and fireplace components annually to ensure a smooth and happy winter!

Get the Best Gas Fireplace Inspection Service At Your Doorstep 

Are you looking forward to arranging a festive Christmas party at your home? If yes, then you must go through our gas fireplace inspection checklist. 

Once you have gone through our inspection checklist, mark the issues you are facing with the gas fireplace. And to resolve those issues, look no further than Complete Chimneys LLC to repair and service your gas fireplace like a new one. 

Contact our fireplace inspectors by calling 410-544-7600 or schedule an appointment for a fireplace maintenance and repair service.  

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