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Complete Chimneys hearth store of Pasadena, MD, provides sales and installation of elegant fireplaces and freestanding heating stoves for our customers in Annapolis, MD, and other communities including Parole, MD, Severnside, MD, Annapolis Neck, MD, Hillsmere Shores, MD, Manresa, MD, Cedarwood Cove, MD, Edgewater, MD, and Stevensville, MD.

Fireplace & stove installations in Annapolis MD

Amazing Fireplaces

A modern zero-clearance fireplace is an ideal choice when you want lovely aesthetics, efficient heat and superior safety. Available in both gas- and wood-burning models, the fireplace you choose today will give you many years of enjoyment and comfort.

wood burning fireplace repair in Annapolis MDGas fireplaces: We can install a powerful new zero-clearance gas fireplace in your main room and add smaller units in the kitchen, bathroom and bedrooms for excellent zone heating. Wherever you add a gas fireplace, you can count on quick, soothing heat with efficiency ratings of up to 85% – considerably better than the 20% or so you get from a traditional masonry fireplace.

People go with zero-clearance gas fireplaces for many reasons including:

  • The units are highly insulated and are safe to be installed in many areas within the home
  • Get your fire started with a flip of a switch
  • EPA emissions regulations ensure that today’s gas fireplaces burn cleaner than ever before
  • Choose from a wide range of sizes, BTU outputs, shapes and finishes, making it easy to meet your heating and aesthetic requirements

Wood fireplaces: If you enjoy traditional wood fires, an efficient wood-burning zero-clearance fireplace is your best option. Do you have a low-efficiency masonry fireplace that burns wood but does little to heat your home? Now you can enjoy all the ambience of a real wood fireplace and the heat you need during the coldest of winters.

Why buy a new wood fireplace?

  • For many people, there simply is nothing better than a roaring wood fire with its leaping flames and crackling logs
  • Wood-burning ZC fireplaces are well-insulated and safe to install close to wall boards and other home building materials
  • Heat efficiency ratings of up to 80% mean most of the wood you burn will actually be heating your home
  • Many sizes, styles and design features are available from leading hearth-industry manufacturers

High-Efficiency Heating Stoves

Is a handsome stand-alone heating stove more to your liking? Visit our showroom, and you’ll see plenty of fine models that would make great additions to your Annapolis home.

Gas heating stoves: A gas stove gives you the ultimate in convenience from fast starts to very low maintenance. These powerful appliances can heat rooms small and large and look great while doing it.

Wood heating stoves: Traditionalists love wood stoves for their mesmerizing flames and soft, gentle aromas of real burning wood. Highly efficient and elegant, if you prefer heating with wood, a wood stove is a great choice for many rooms in your home.

Pellet heating stoves: Convenient and efficient are two words that perfectly describe today’s pellet stoves. You get real wood fires (pellets are made from wood waste products) and easy operation with a hopper that automatically feeds the pellets into the firebox for highly efficient heating.

Powerful Fireplace Inserts

Homeowners who are fed up with not getting sufficient heat from their old-fashioned masonry fireplaces have a wonderful solution: a new factory-built fireplace insert. These “fireplaces in a box” come in various sizes to fit right into the firebox of your existing fireplace. A special vent pipe goes up the chimney – you won’t need to make any structural modifications to your home.

Benefits of fireplace inserts include:

  • Models available that run on wood, gas or pellet fuel
  • Efficiency ratings three or four times greater than traditional masonry fireplaces
  • Elegant designs give you a new fireplace that looks like a million but won’t cost you anywhere near that much
  • When professionally installed, fireplace inserts will provide years of safe and reliable operation and ultimate comfort

Gas log fireplaces in Annapolis MDRealistic Gas Logs

Maybe you have an existing open wood-burning fireplace and love the ambience but aren’t thrilled with the hassle of using it. A new gas log set might be your answer. Gas log designs look amazingly similar to real wood logs while providing a luxurious visual in your firebox without any of the mess, upkeep and maintenance required with standard fireplaces.

Fireplace Accessories

From fireplace tools and lovely mantels to handsome surrounds and classy glass fireplace doors, Complete Chimneys has all the extras you need to personalize the hearth area in your Annapolis home.

Grills, Fire Pits, Outdoor Fireplaces

Traeger Grills: Food never tasted as good as it will when you fire up your pellet-fueled Traeger Grill. Great for smoking and cooking, Traeger outdoor cooking appliances provide stable, convection-style heat for turning out perfect steaks, burgers, & veggies.

Fire pits: When it comes to enjoying your outdoor living area, it’s hard to beat a glowing, attractive fire pit. We can help you choose the perfect fire pit design for your yard and install it professionally, so you’ll know it’s safe and functional.

Outdoor fireplaces: For many homeowners, a new outdoor fireplace is the ideal finishing touch to a great backyard living space. We’ll show you many exciting styles, sizes and designs that will add unmistakable elegance to your outdoor landscape. After you’ve made your selection, we’ll install and set up your fireplace for safety and high performance.

Is It Safe to Get Fireplace & Stove Service From Complete Chimney in Annapolis

Complete Chimney believes in providing the best fireplaces, chimney, stove, and gas burner services across Annapolis, MD, and surrounding areas. We put our best in front of our customers, our testimonials and reviews are open to any testing and verification, our specialists hold keen understanding of chimneys, fireplaces, and stove services. 

This is why Complete Chimney is the only ideal place to get all your chimney, stove, fireplace repair and insert services along with gas, wood, and pellet heating appliances. Our work and commitment is proof to our dedicated services in Annapolis, and yes, it is completely safe and secure to get your services right on your doorstep from Complete Chimney. 

Based in Pasadena, MD, Complete Chimneys serves all of Anne Arundel County, MD, and Southern Queen Anne’s County, MD. We invite residents of Annapolis, MD, and surrounding communities to visit our fireplace store at 8174 Ritchie Hwy. in Pasadena, MD, to see the finest in modern fireplaces and stoves that will make perfect additions to your home. Come see us or give us a call at (410) 729-6033.

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