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Ellicott City, MD, and Howard County – Chimney Leak Repair & Fireplace Installations

If you live in Ellicott City, MD, or the neighboring communities of Linwood, MD, Rockwell, MD, Gray, MD, or Crest Leigh, MD, Complete Chimneys of nearby Pasadena, MD, has the fireplace, stove or fireplace insert you’ve been wanting.  We also offer professional chimney cleaning, comprehensive chimney inspections and a full menu of chimney repair services.

air duct cleaning and leaky chimney cap repairs in ellicott city

The goal of our chimney technicians, each of whom is certified by the Chimney Safety Institute of America, is to keep your fireplace, stove and chimney safe and in perfect working order.  When you see our service vehicles on Columbia Pike, Ellicott Mills Dr., Frederick Rd. or other local streets and roads, you know we’re getting ready to satisfy another valued customer.

fireplace cleaning and chimney sweep in ellicott cityChimney Sweep

Complete Chimneys belongs to the National Chimney Sweep Guild and performs chimney sweep services that involve removing built-up creosote and other obstructions inside chimneys.  Creosote is formed when smoke from a fire condenses.  It’s a sticky substance that clings to the chimney liner, and it’s also very flammable.  It doesn’t take a lot of creosote to start a chimney fire.

Obstructions like animal nests, twigs, leaves and other debris must be removed to allow your fireplace system to vent properly.  We have experience cleaning every type of chimney.

Chimney Repairs

Our field personnel are National Fireplace Institute certified technicians, so we’re able to offer our Ellicott City customers a full menu of professional chimney repair services.  Whatever the problem, our techs can solve it:

  • Chimney liner repair
  • Chimney chase top repair
  • Chimney cap repair
  • Chimney flashing repair
  • Fireplace damper repair
  • Repair of all masonry

Chimney components are made to last a long time, but they won’t last forever.  Chimney caps can become rusted and let in debris; chimney flashing over time may decompose or warp; chimney liners, while ultra-strong, eventually need repair or replacement.

All components of chimneys and fireplaces serve specific purposes and are only safe when in good repair.  Whatever type of chimney repair you require, our certified technicians will get it done quickly and safely.

ellicott city md chimney contractor rebuilding chimney

Chimney Leaks In Ellicott City MD

A chimney leak may seem like a minor issue, but it can turn into a major problem.  Water and chimneys don’t mix.  If water is getting into a chimney, it can begin to erode bricks and mortar, which can lead to the need to make substantial repairs or perform rebuilding work.  Signs that you have a leaky chimney include weird smells, water in the firebox and discoloration of bricks or nearby walls.

Chimney Rebuilding

As sturdy as a properly built chimney is, age will eventually cause it to lose its integrity.  Harsh weather year after year and the settling of a home and roof also can cause damage to chimneys.  Complete Chimneys provides Ellicott City homeowners with full chimney rebuilding services that can be performed before significant damage occurs.

Chimney Masonry Work

Our team offers chimney masonry work in cases where the masonry has begun to crack or crumble.  No chimney is safe when water can get into it, because water starts a cycle of deterioration that can lead to dangerous operation and expensive repairs down the line.  We perform tuckpointing to fortify areas where mortar or brick is missing.  We also can apply a spray sealant when cracks aren’t extensive.

fireplace store installing fireplaces and stoves in ellicott city mdFireplace & Stove Sales / Installation

If you live in Ellicott City, MD, or neighboring areas, visit our showroom when it’s time for a new home heating appliance from top manufacturers like Regency and Hampton:

  • Wood stoves – great for big or smaller rooms
  • Freestanding gas heating stoves – versatile and great-looking
  • Wood-burning inserts – factory-built to provide high heat
  • Gas fireplaces – nothing is easier to use than a modern gas fireplace
  • Wood-burning fireplaces – for brilliant flames and rustic good looks, go with a wood fireplace
  • Gas fireplace inserts – great heat and super-easy to operate

When you buy from us, we’ll install your new appliance and make sure it’s set up correctly.

Air Duct & Dryer Vent Cleaning

Make sure to ask us about air duct cleaning and clothes dryer vent cleaning.  We perform both services to ensure these vent systems are clean, safe and running at high efficiency.

Best Chimney Leak Repair & Fireplace Installation

There are no more worries for the people of Ellicott City, MD, or the neighboring communities of Linwood, Rockwell, Gray, or Crest Leigh, because Complete Chimney is now in town to resolve their issues related to chimney leak, repair, and maintenance. Obviously, we understand everybody wants to get their chimney and fireplace installation done before the winter hits, and this is the best time to get it all done. 

Complete Chimney is considered to be a master at the chimney, fireplace, stoves, burners, and repair/maintenance services. You can avail the best services for your home safety right by calling their specialist at your doorstep. 

We invite you to visit our Pasadena, MD, showroom to see a selection of top-name fireplaces, stoves and fireplace inserts.  When it’s time for chimney sweep services, an inspection or chimney repair work, we’re standing by.

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