Reasons Why Fall Is Not A Good Time To Get A Chimney Sweep
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Schedule an Early Chimney Sweeping Before the Fall Rush

Professional Chimney Sweeps in Ferndale, MDSomething is just ahead besides changing leaves and cooler air and it’s the fall rush that chimney sweeps experience every year. Scheduling chimney sweeping early is recommended because nothing beats a glowing fire in the fireplace when the first real cold snap arrives. Qualified, trusted chimney sweeps like the pros at Complete Chimneys LLC typically get booked up pretty solid by the time fall arrives. Booking a convenient appointment time can be tough—unless you schedule chimney sweeping early.

Why is Annual Chimney Sweeping Essential?

When family safety is a priority, annual chimney sweeping must be, too, according to manufacturers and experts in the hearth industry. They agree that annual chimney cleaning and inspection is something the safest and most efficient hearth systems have in common.

Also, thousands of home fires occur every year because of fireplaces being lit when the condition of the chimney was unknown. Those hazardous fires are usually caused by chimney fires that spread to the home. 

Annual chimney sweeping ensures that there are no obstructions that could:

  • Ignite a dangerous chimney fire
  • Prevent toxic combustion gases from entering the home rather than escaping through the chimney.

More About the Fall Rush

Chimney professionals are kept extremely busy with chimney maintenance, chimney repairs, and hearth installations from October through the end of January. If it’s not impossible to schedule chimney sweep services during that period, it is difficult to schedule the chimney professional of your choice. Complete Chimneys, for instance, offers a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, competitive prices, and extensively trained chimney, masonry, and hearth appliance specialists. You can enjoy greater peace of mind by scheduling your chimney sweep services with trusted professionals early and beating the fall rush.

Chimney Sweeping: What to Expect

Certified Chimney Sweeps For Hire in Ferndale, MDKeeping your chimney clean is the best way to keep it safe and running efficiently. Even though chimneys are a dirty mess, you don’t need to worry about your home during a chimney sweep appointment. Professionals have the tools and equipment to keep your home as clean as it was before the arrival of the chimney technician. It does help, though, for you to clear the entire hearth area, move furniture back, and cover the furniture for added protection, just in case.

The two important tasks accomplished with chimney sweep services are:

Removal of creosote. With every wood fire, tar-like, highly flammable creosote is deposited in the chimney flue. Most chimney fires are the result of creosote that was ignited by a floating ember. Then, if there are built-up layers of creosote, the intense chimney fires are fueled so long that the flue is destroyed and the fire spreads to the home.

Removal of other obstructions. Blockage in the chimney flue can also be caused by twigs, leaves, animal and bird nests, and other debris.

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