Common Reasons Causing Chimney Leaks
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Common Reasons Causing Chimney Leaks

Protect your home, family, and property by ensuring that your fireplace and chimney system are working properly before winter begins. Any time before winter is the right time to take care of any issues with your chimney. Addressing those issues before you need to use your fireplace prevents future problems. Deal with the small issues now before they turn into major problems. If your chimney is leaking from any of the following problems, you want to have it inspected and repaired when the weather is warm.

The fireplace flashing is cracked or torn. The flashing is the aluminum around the chimney that sticks up from your roof. It bends over the side of the chimney and the shingles. Its job is to keep water from flowing down between the chimney and roof.

Cracks in the mortar joints and bricks.

The mortar and cement that hold the chimney together may crack over time. If they are cracked water can fall inside the chimney and the house. Also, the chimney walls may stay wet after the rain and absorb this water.

Loose knots and cracks in wood siding.

If your house has wood siding knots in the wood may loosen or come off altogether. As well, the wood may get old, dry out, and split, which also lets water into the chimney and the house.

No chimney cover.

If your chimney has no cover, rain, pests, and wildlife can fall inside it. Make sure your chimney cover is working correctly and not letting in leaks.

Cracked chimney crown.

If the chimney crown cracks water seeps in.  If not repaired the water will freeze in cold weather, and it may crack even more from repeated freezing, which makes it even harder to fix.

Contact Complete Chimneys for repairs on your leaking chimney in Maryland. We inspect and solve any problems that are causing your chimney to leak.




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