What is Chimney Brick Damage and How to Prevent It
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Chimney Brick Damage and Tips to Prevent It

Chimneys can seem like sturdy structures, but have you ever seen one that looks like it’s tottering? Exterior chimneys are subject to all kinds of harsh conditions, and moisture can cause the greatest amount of damage. Homeowners often neglect chimney maintenance, and the result can be decaying bricks in danger of collapsing. Chimney brick damage is something that can be prevented, though the task requires vigilance. Learn more below.

Chimney Repair, MarylandBricks and Moisture

When a chimney is built correctly, various elements of the structure contribute to the difficult task of keeping water out of the highly porous brick masonry. If the mortar deteriorates, the chimney crown cracks, a chimney cap was never installed, a crack splits the brick structure, or the metal flashing was installed incorrectly, moisture will get into the bricks. Then, the water inside the bricks freezes and thaws in winter, causing movement as it expands and contracts. Spalling eventually occurs, which means the face of the brick breaks and pops off. 

If bricks containing water aren’t replaced, they continue to deteriorate, resulting in a leaning or collapsed chimney. 

Waterproof Your Chimney

At a point when your chimney is in a state of good repair, schedule waterproofing with the chimney experts at Complete Chimneys. It’s essential that the waterproofing products used are formulas specially made for chimneys. These materials are vapor permeable, which is important because they allow the chimney to breathe. Many waterproofing products come with a 5- to 10-year warranty.

Schedule Annual Chimney Inspections & Needed Repairs

Annual chimney inspections are very important, according to all of the leading fire prevention experts in the U.S. During an inspection, your chimney expert can identify damage that can’t be spotted by laypersons. Schedule any types of chimney repairs that are needed to prevent further damage from occurring. Not making needed repairs only makes them that much more expensive later on. 

chimney leak crown repair in russett mdHave a Chimney Cap Installed

If your chimney doesn’t have a chimney cap or if the existing chimney cap is damaged, don’t wait to have a chimney cap installed. There are multiple advantages of having a chimney cap, and the number one benefit is that these accessories keep rain and snow from falling directly into your chimney. One of the ways in which moisture does its worst is when the water mixes with acidic creosote deposits in the flue and causes deterioration of the chimney liner. A damaged chimney liner puts your home and family at risk every time the fireplace is used. The bricks in the hearth can also be damaged when water drips down the flue and into the fireplace.

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The certified chimney sweeps at Complete Chimneys provide expert masonry rebuilds, masonry repair, chimney inspections and comprehensive chimney services. We are proud to offer affordable prices to help keep families safe. Contact Complete Chimneys today at (410) 544-7600 to schedule masonry repair, chimney crown repair, and all of your needs for chimney maintenance. 

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