Should I Buy My Hearth Products Online Or Should I Visit The Local Store?
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Buying Hearth Products Online vs. Buying From Your Local Hearth Shop: Don’t Get Burned

Shopping online may be a favorite American pastime, but local shopping absolutely makes the most sense when buying a new hearth product. Taking advantage of an online hearth deal that appears to save money often, in the end, causes nothing but regret. There are distinct and important advantages to buying a fireplace or heating stove from a local showroom instead of a website. Learn more below.

wood stove installation in Russett, MDHome Comfort

The typical online purchase is devoid of interactions with experts who can answer questions and provide good advice. When it comes to buying fireplaces and stoves, the help of a professional makes a world of difference. How can you know you are buying a heating appliance that safely and efficiently provides the right amount of heat? Hearth appliance specialists can help you make informed decisions that yield the desired results. When you visit a hearth showroom, you can even learn about options you didn’t know existed. You may see a pellet stove in person for the first time or discover that you are a big fan of linear fireplaces. With additional options in design and style to choose from, you are more likely to be completely satisfied with your new hearth appliance.

Wood, Gas, or Pellet Fuel?

Among the options to be considered when choosing a hearth appliance is the fuel type. Should you go with a wood, gas, or pellet-fueled stove or a wood or gas-fueled fireplace? Online, it is difficult to know whether you are making the right choice. Speaking to a hearth appliance specialist in person, however, provides the opportunity to ask questions and get expert insights.

Installation Problems or Assurances

When you buy an appliance online, it is usually difficult to find an installation expert willing to cover the manufacturer’s warranty. Installation is a potential liability issue that prompts most specialty stores to serve only customers who purchased hearth products from them. The heart of the concern is a potential lack of quality, essential parts, and information ensuring safety. The professional installation that is available through hearth stores comes with certain assurances. For instance, the appliance is a proper fit for your space. Also, the needed venting is either installed for the new heating appliance or is already in place. These matters must be handled in a way that ensures insurance coverage in the event of a catastrophic occurrence involving the appliance.

Gas Fireplace Installation in Annapolis, MD Misleading Marketing

The temptation to buy a hearth appliance online is understandable because you may see many displays of fireplaces and heating stoves that would look beautiful in your home. What you see online cannot be recreated without a professional installer, however. You will probably be unable to find an expert installer whose work ensures insurance protection. If you need to return the heating appliance, online retailers typically allow returns, but you will be required to cover the expensive shipping costs.

Visit the Complete Chimneys Showroom

We have a beautiful hearth appliance showroom at Complete Chimneys LLC in Pasadena, MD. Our experts are on hand to help you make your selection from among many top-brand hearth appliances. In addition to the models and styles on the showroom floor, we provide you with access to catalogs. We will give you all the direction you desire so that you are equipped to choose the ideal hearth appliance for your home. Perhaps most importantly, we provide the expert installation you need for protection, safety, and peace of mind. Call us today at (410) 544-7600 or visit our showroom located at 8174 Ritchie Highway.



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