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Benefits to Cleaning Your Chimney This Spring

Spring is a good time to clean your home as well as your chimney. While many people wait until fall to get their chimneys ready for winter, spring cleaning ensures your chimney is cleaned and prepared for winter. When you have your chimney sweep inspect and clean the chimney as part of your spring cleaning routine, you can also take care of any chimney repairs that are needed, which could prevent extensive damage from happening in the future. If your chimney does have damages that need immediate repairs you can take care of them in the spring and not have to wait to use your fireplace once winter comes around. Other benefits that come with cleaning your chimney in the spring include:

  • Most professionals are not as busy in spring as they are in fall and winter, which makes it easier to schedule the work. For example, the chimney sweeps in Baltimore, MD, at Complete Chimneys are available to provide efficient, effective services when you need them in spring or summer.
  • Spring cleaning may prevent a chimney fire from thick creosote that can spark a fire in the chimney. Cleaning the chimney after a season of heavy use can prevent a house fire. Also, the buildup of creosote produces a strong, unpleasant odor that is noticeable throughout your home.
  • Winter ice, snow, and rain may have entered the chimney and corroded the chimney liner, which leads to damage that could be identified and repaired in spring.


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