How to Know When to Clean Your Chimney
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How to Know When to Clean Your Chimney

Keeping your chimney clean and free of a creosote buildup is a safety feature. Chimney fires devastate homes. They often start in the smoke chamber shelf area, which is a critical though hard-to-reach area. If you can reach it with room to use a brush, and your soot buildup is on the light side, you may want to try and clean your chimney yourself.

When there is a heavy creosote buildup, it’s best to call the professionals like those at Complete Chimneys. It’s also best to use the pros if you have a steep roof pitch or aren’t completely comfortable on the roof. There’s a reason why pros always wear safety harnesses.

Creosote expands when it burns. In mere minutes it can engulf a chimney and destroy a building with high heat temperatures. Your chimney should be inspected regularly–at least once a year–by a certified chimney sweep that is trained to locate areas of deterioration, creosote buildups, and venting issues. All of the following signs are indications that it’s time to have your chimney cleaned or inspected:

  • Moisture bubbling at the end of wet (green) logs as they burn.
  • Use your fireplace poker along your chimney liner. If you find a layer of buildup as thick as a nickel contact a chimney sweep.
  • If the buildup has become a hardened layer of buildup.

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